East Mountain Dance 

Owner/Director Holly Orio

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Our toddler classes are mommy-and-me style creative movement classes. Children ages 1.5+ will develop both gross motor skills, and cognitive ability by use of specialized games and lessons. 
Our preschool combo classes consist  Tap,  Ballet, and Tumbling. Students ages 3+ will learn to be in a structured class enviornment through use of specialized games and lessons. 
Foundations classes consist of Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. This is where dancers ages 5+ will learn their basics, and lay the foundation for the next steps in their training! 
 Jazz classes consist of half an hour, to an hour and a half of proper dance technique, like strength, isolations of the body,  and developing the cognitive and physical ability to remember as well as perform complex rhythms and patterns.  Dancers will explore various styles of jazz, such as Broadway, Jazz Funk, Swing, Contemporary Jazz, Classical Jazz, and more. 
EMD offers Ballet classes for ages 1.5-100! Each class is age appropriate in the instillment of technique. As well as barre and centre work, students will learn etiquette, musicality, how to bring out their physical potential, and will leave class with an appreciation for the art of Classical Ballet. 
Modern Dance is an expressive form of dance started in the early 20th century as a reaction to Classical Ballet. In Modern, we focus on the art of using our breathing to help control our bodies and movement. Modern is very much about self expression. 
Lyrical Dance is the product of merging Ballet and Jazz. Lyrical is an exceptionally expressive form of dance, and has become widely popular in the dance world.  
We rotate through a variety of different tap classes and styles at EMD! Call the studio for more information about tap classes currently being offered.